Outside Plant (OSP) Engineer/Survey Technician

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Job Title: Outside Plant (OSP) Engineer
Job Description:
OSP Engineer Tasks:
Complete building/closet surveys for OSP cable survey requirements
Survey ITBs, CEBs, and Ebs as directed by lead engineer (previously called ITNs, CEBNs & EBNs)
Complete route surveys for new OSP infrastructure --- manholes, cable routes, road/hard surface cuts, building entries, etc. as required.
Complete all cable, manhole, schematic drawings, spider diagrams for OSP design.
Develops site specific list of materials and subsequent construction drawings.
Document existing fiber optic cable (OSP cables) to determine follow-on testing requirements
Attend all required customer design reviews and brief all OSP issues, plans, major quantities, etc.
Coordinate new planned routes with CE for Environmental impacts, other base project impacts, contaminated soils, areas to avoid, etc.
Lead Manhole and Duct System (MHDS) crew survey efforts and integrate survey data into the OSP design. Includes MH surveys for verifying existing/re usable conduits for the design and verify existing backbone/critical facility cables are diverse per contract requirements.
Mandatory Qualifications and Education Requirements:
Bachelors Degree in Engineering or related field, or equivalent combination of training, certifications, work and/or military experience.
3-5 years of related engineering experience
OSP Engineering Skills and Equipment:
Possesses technical expertise on OSP construction, cabling, and infrastructure pathway installation projects. Experienced in surveying facilities and developing site specific schematics, bill of materials, and subsequent construction drawings.
. Documents redline changes to engineering drawings.
Experience analyzing base maps/plan drawings, building floor plan diagrams, engineering drawings, and technical specifications to plan installation activities.
Experience with testing for copper and fiber optic structured cabling systems.
. Candidates must possess a DoD Secret Security Clearance at a minimum.
Desired Qualifications and Education Requirements:
BICSI "RCDD" or "RCDD OSP" certification (or similar) desired but not mandatory requirement.
. Equipment software skills: computer with MS Office software, basic hand tools, digital camera, measuring tapes/wheels
Travel to worldwide locations is required - passport required. Travel will average 60-80% or more depending on your home location, customer requirements, schedule, and performance needs. Generally one week to three month deployments with longer deployments possible depending on project requirements. Travel reimbursable using standard JTR per diem rates for locale.

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